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Blade 120SR RC Helicopter Review

The Blade 120 SR is a popular sub-micro fixed pitch helicopter within the remote control hobby world. The SR is a full hobby grade model, made specifically for those dedicated to the hobby and looking for something intense to fly. It is a completely ready to fly model which means it comes completely assembled, saving […]

Which RC Car Is Right For You?

RC Cars offer all the excitement of motor racing at a fraction of the cost. They also offer a safe form of motor sport and allow youngsters to begin to understand car control at a very young age. There are various types of RC cars that are suitable for racing, but the two main types […]

Cleaning RC Cars After The Rain

The rainy days can either be fun or not. When you have your RC car, truck or plane out in the pavement, track or field, the last thing that you need is for the heavens to pour its water over you. But don’t blame the heavens if it rain. For all you know, rain can […]

RC Car Racing – The Basics

For a beginner, the sheer amount of brands, varieties and specs of RC vehicles can be overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of types of RC cars and trucks, all with different engines, performance levels and completely customizable details. This puts hobby quality RC cars on a whole different level than toys and replicas, and is […]