Blade 120SR RC Helicopter Review

blade-120-sr-rtfThe Blade 120 SR is a popular sub-micro fixed pitch helicopter within the remote control hobby world. The SR is a full hobby grade model, made specifically for those dedicated to the hobby and looking for something intense to fly. It is a completely ready to fly model which means it comes completely assembled, saving you the trouble of doing so. This helicopter is a step up from your average coaxial helicopter and takes a little bit more time to master its controlling and flight.

Overview Of The Features:
– Sub-micro size
– Fixed Pitch
– Hobby grade
– Highly durable
– 5 in 1 Spektrum controller

The Design
The 120 boasts a super clean design that looks amazing at all times, whether it is in flight or not. What really makes this helicopter stand out is it clean single rotor positioning in comparison with the size and design of its body.

Although the SR is small in size and relatively lightweight it still has the potential to fly not only indoors, but outdoors as well. This is due to the sheer amount of power that it can output, allowing it to hold its own in moderate conditions. In saying this, it is still recommended to only fly indoors, and if you do choose to take it outdoors, try to ensure there is no wind or heavy breeze.

The SR is well constructed, made from strong metal and plastic products, with a well compared weight ratio from head to tail. Due to the perfect weight, this helicopter has amazing stability when in flight, although the single pitch might make it take a while to get used to.

Features and Construction
The Blade 120 SR is a feature packed helicopter that includes a range of perks and bonuses that makes it such a beast of a helicopter. Some of its core features include:

5 Channel Control:
This helicopter is a 5 channel helicopter which means it has the ability to fly up and down, left and right, forwards and backwards or hover side to side.

Sub-Micro Size:
The 120 is a sub-micro sized helicopter, however, unlike many other small helicopters, it does have enough body mass and power to allow for outdoor flight.

Strong Flight Time:
The 120 has a solid flight time of between 7-12 minutes on a fully charged battery and has an average charge time of 30-50 minutes.

Highly Durable:
Constructed with strong metal and plastic products, this helicopter is highly durable and boasts the ability to withstand any heavy damage in most crashes. As with all helicopters however, there is always a chance of serious damage when crashing regardless of their durability.

Overall, the Blade 120 SR remote control helicopter is a solid choice for pilots of all skill levels, however it does take a bit of getting used to. The price for this helicopter is extremely fair considering it is a full hobby grade model and includes a rich set of amazing features.

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