Backgammon – Game of Luck and Skill


Backgammon is a complex game. In other words, it is a mind game. Player’s destiny is decided by his luck along with brain. Both these aspects go hand in hand. All veteran soldiers have the common opinion on the game. According to them playing the game skilfully is a mind blowing experience. Backgammon is the most ancient board game in the world. The uprising of the game is as old as 5,000 years in Iran.

Backgammon is a game in which the players have 15 checkers of two sets all around the board, moving in opposite direction. The aim of the game is to end the journey fastest and overcome the opponent. At the same time, the players should have in mind about the “blot points“, points occupied by exactly one opposing checker. The first question which comes in mind is how to play a backgammon game. Backgammon is played on board by rolling the dice. The board has twenty four triangles, narrow structures known as points, set up in four quadrants, comprising of six points.

It is a two player game, starting with each quadrant by throwing dice on a board. The checkers with points in the game start moving for the player who scores maximum points. In case both players land up having same score, they are given equal chance to roll the dice on board game until their points differ. The main goal of the game is to bring all player’s checkers in that player’s home board. In Backgammon, the player who carries away all checkers first is the ultimate winner. Ensure that both the dice are rolled together. The Backgammon checkers are moved based on the combined dice score. As we know, it is a game of brain; the player can mentally number points upon the board from one to twenty four. The player needs to move in anti clockwise direction starting with points towards the right hand corner on top. As the player proceeds with moving checkers, the player will come across blocked places with points. This will happen because one cannot place his and opponent’s checkers at the same point. This explains that the players move is bounded to vacant areas in the Backgammon board.

The most interesting aspect of the Backgammon game is the doubling feature. It indicates that, while rolling the dice, if the same number appears, the player can proceed with the checkers twice. The player cannot proceed backwards. The checkers have two colors, white and black which move in the opposite direction. One needs to keep in mind about the blot points. When the blot has been “hit” the corresponding checker is placed in the middle of the board on the bar that divides the two sides of the playing surface. It comes better into picture when opponents checker threatens your checker. Lastly, when all fifteen checkers move across the Backgammon board and return to the home board, it’s the players turn to get all the checkers off the board. This action is called “bearing off“. The players may not only only extra ordinary movements to finish, but may also face situations where the player does not have any checker point on the roll score available. It is indeed a fun filled experience playing Backgammon.

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