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Whatever your personal hobbies or gift needs are, Spicy Gifts Hobbies is here to give you the best selection of aircraft models, RC airplanes, RC helicopters, RC cars & trucks and model train sets – with many different skill levels to accommodate all hobbyists. For the gaming enthusiasts, see our unique theme chess sets and […]

Backgammon – Game of Luck and Skill

Backgammon is a complex game. In other words, it is a mind game. Player’s destiny is decided by his luck along with brain. Both these aspects go hand in hand. All veteran soldiers have the common opinion on the game. According to them playing the game skilfully is a mind blowing experience. Backgammon is the […]

The American Flyer Model Train

Although The American Flyer model trains were at their peak of popularity between the 1940s and the 1960s, they actually had a long history before that, and their popularity seems to be on the increase again today. William Hafner, working as a toymaker in Chicago, developed a clockwork motor for use in toy cars in […]

S Scale Model Trains

The S-scale, known also as the S-gauge, for model trains is designed on the ratio of 1:64 [that is, 3/16 inches = 1 foot] and fits between the popular HO and O model train scales. It met the demands for a scale which was larger than HO [which was considered too small by many model […]

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