Chess Gift Ideas – Alabaster Chess Sets Make A Unique Gift

It can be a real challenge shopping for a loved one when it’s time to find that perfect gift and shopping for the perfect chess gift is no different. In fact, if you don’t know much about chess or what to buy, it can be that much harder. But there are plenty of popular gift ideas you should be aware of so if you’re stuck trying to figure out what would make the right chess gift, hopefully this will give you at least one good idea.

Of course, we already know that a lot of players would rather have a traditional looking Staunton chess set. There’s just something about that classic style that many chess players love. But there are plenty of other chess players looking for something more unique. For this group of players, an alabaster chess set makes a great option as a possible “top pick” on your gift shopping list. Regardless of where you shop, there are probably several styles to choose from so it should be pretty easy to find the one that’s the right match for the lucky recipient of this set.

Alabaster is a type of stone and is quite a popular material used in many different products including chess sets and boards. When it comes to chess sets and the merchants that sell them, you’ll typically find that alabaster sets are made in Italy, which is one of the world’s largest suppliers of alabaster products. This popular material is used all over the world as accents to high-end buildings on one end of the spectrum and to create figurines and other ornaments at the other end of the spectrum.

Since it’s a soft material (compared to other types of stone), it can be worked into unique and creative designs, making it perfect for a wide variety of applications including making chess pieces. And since alabaster is available in a range of colors and has such an elegant look, many people use these sets as decorative pieces rather than storing them away when not being played. Tehy can be a great addition to your home or office.

You can find alabaster sets in several colors including black, brown, white, blue, green, red and more. You’ll typically find several combinations of these colors making up the opposing teams of chess men. Most of the time, the pieces will be around 3 inches in height, which is a good size for this type of chess set. In addition, since alabaster can be an expensive material to use, that size also helps keep the cost down, as opposed to having larger (and more costly) pieces.

Since the pieces are so stunning in their design, the boards typically used with an alabaster set have to be equally well-made so you’ll usually find that they’re also made from alabaster with a few options to choose from. Sometimes the board with just be a plain board with no border. Other options might include the same type of board with a nicely made inlaid border. And finally, the top of the line combinations will include an alabaster board with built-in storage for your pieces. This is important since alabaster can be easily damaged. In fact, if you don’t get a board with built-in storage, it’s important to also purchase a storage box to keep those pieces safe when not being used.

For the chess player who’s looking for a unique looking chess set that’s sure to catch people’s eye, you can’t go wrong with an alabaster chess set as a great chess gift.

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